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Get to know our universities

Before you get to study in the Maastricht Region, you need to make your school choice! The largest and most internationally known university is, of course, Maastricht University (UM). However, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the Maastricht School of Management also attract many foreigners. These institutions offer very different studies, but all have good reputations.

Maastricht University

Maastricht transformed entirely with Maastricht University’s (UM) opening in 1976, now ranked as the 13th best young university in the world. But even when age is out of the question, Maastricht University (UM) ranks high at 145th in the world for 2023.

UM is known for its Problem-Based Learning system and international orientation. Their small-scale ‘international classroom’ brings together people from all over the world who have different backgrounds and perspectives. And it’s these very differences that make the UM learning experience unique. They distinguish themselves with a challenging learning environment with small and interactive group sessions. Students get to know each other and broaden their social network by working together. They are also encouraged to actively participate in discussions in the educational groups. With better learning results as a result.  

The main mission of education at UM was, is and will be the integrated academic and professional development of the student. Teaching and learning therefore focus on both the academic and personal development of the student.

Education at UM is based on four pillars:



Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Zuyd Hogeschool offers you the best of both worlds: a small-scale learning environment with all the benefits of a larger institution. All of Zuyd’s academies are relatively small, tight-knit communities, where you find a personal and welcoming atmosphere. Lectures are interactive, with room for personal guidance as well as the freedom to develop into a skilled and creative professional. Zuyd’s project-based learning method allows you to work in small groups of no more than 15 students, supported by a tutor.

Zuyd is ideal for those of you looking to go into hands-on careers, like photography, healthcare, translation, and hospitality. For those of you who are more musically inclined, The Conservatorium may be your building of choice. 

Zuyd offers 6 English-taught bachelors and 7 English-taught masters.


Maastricht School of Management

Maastricht School of Management (MSM) is part of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE). With a successful track record of 70 years in global management education and international development with a focus on emerging economies, MSM has built a large network of students, alumni and partners across the globe. MSM is a unique institute with a firm commitment to both development and education.

MSM offers Master of Arts in ManagementMBA and Executive PhD degree programmes, as well as short executive courses. MSM delivers its practice-oriented degree programmes on location in Maastricht and through partnerships around the world. MSM’s management programmes provide a diverse and stimulating learning experience with students coming from many countries, professional backgrounds and areas of interest. MSM also offers global custom programmes that are dynamic and powerful learning experiences, fully tailored to the needs of the client organisation.