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  • 19 Jun 2024
  • 12:30 - 13:30
  • Online
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Webinar; Hiring International, How and Why

Are you struggling to find the appropriate employees? Especially for your vacancies for higher-educated candidates?

Imagine that local 'international' who has already made their home in our beautiful region. Someone who has relocated as a partner or spouse from Germany, Spain, or the United States. Maybe an international student from Italy or India who has graduated and wants to start their career in our region or is currently seeking a part-time job. Maybe the expat who might want to switch jobs?

Internationals may not have mastered Dutch yet, but they typically have an excellent command of the English language. In any case, they are certainly willing to learn Dutch. Is it necessary to have a strong understanding of the Dutch language or is there room for someone who possesses an exceptional understanding of English? The solution may be a step closer than you think.

Our region has over 35,000 internationals who match this profile. A group that we may have not given enough consideration to in our recruitment strategy.

Are you curious about how you can attract and integrate these talents into your company?

Sign up for our webinar and gain insights and tips about recruitment procedures and the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

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