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Hiring Cross-Border Talent

Companies part of the Maastricht Region, with about 4 million inhabitants and 2.2 million jobs within a one hour travel distance, are in a unique position! This region offers an enormous diversity of cultures, knowledge and skills. We could call it a privilege that you, as an employer, can set up your recruitment here. If you are going to recruit across the border, our partners are ready to advise you.


Our partners at the GrensInfoPunt Maastricht (Belgian/Dutch border) and the GrensInfoPunt Aachen-Eurode (German/Dutch border) are the experts who have been consulting employers and job seekers for years. These teams can help you on topics as taxes, social security, pensions, benefits, labour law and more. Here you can get information and advice by phone or in person - and free of charge - about the tax and social insurance systems in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Employment Service

Our cross-border employment service partners Grensarbeid Maastricht (Belgian/Dutch border) and Grensarbeid Kerkrade (German/Dutch border) have been successfully matching job seekers and employers for several years. The teams consist of colleagues from our euregional labour market partners such as the VDAB (Flemisch employment partner), UWV (Dutch employment partner) and Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German employment partner). Together with our colleagues of the European Employment Service (EURES) the consultants at Grensarbeid know exactly which talent to reach: they will support you in publishing your vacancies with our partners in the region.

Have a look at the Grensarbeid jobboard at VDAB.