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Employment services

You are in a unique position! With about 4 million inhabitants and 2,2 million jobs within a one hour travel distance and a large community of international employers, Maastricht Region is a region like no other. We offer an enormous diversity of cultures and (international) companies. We could call it a privilege that you can start your (new) career here! How to start? 

Our cross-border employment service partners Grensarbeid Maastricht  (Belgian/Dutch border) and Grensarbeid Kerkrade  (German/Dutch border) have been successfully matching job seekers and employers for several years. Together with our colleagues of the European Employment Service (EURES)  the consultants at Grensarbeid know exactly which employers in the border region are looking for you! They are in daily contact with employers and are familiar with the latest vacancies. 

Even if you are not sure yet which job suits you, Grensarbeid will work with you to find a suitable match.

Support Grensarbeid:

  • Insight into vacancies (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands)
  • Resumé (CV) Tips
  • Preparation for your job interview
  • Support in diploma accreditation